What to Wear for an Interview and Professional workplace

What to Wear for an Interview?

Professional life is so important for everyone. And the way of dressing speaks a lot. I’m writing this article for those who want to know the standard colour combination and way of dressing in their professional life.

Colors are the mean of communication they told: “How you see yourself in your own eyes?” According to the human resource experienced manager, who also worked at CareerBuilders, recently mention after his survey that blue and black colours are best for an interview and bright colors like orange are the worst. Experts say shades of blue are the sign of credibility and reliability. On the other hand, black color is the sign of strength and seriousness. It represents that you have a strong personality. Wearing black is looked decent and showing that you are confident too.
In the first week of your job or even first three days when people judge you by your dressing, the way of talking and some other small factors. You should wear white, off-white decent dress as white is a symbol peaceful mind, positivity and smartness.

What should wear to professional meetings?

For the professional meetings and interviews grey, black, brown and blue should be preferable according to psychology. But the experts say don’t wear brown in the first meeting it impacts the wrong impression at the first time. Brown color means honesty and intelligence but on the other hand, It also reflects the sense of boring, stability and warmth.

What should wear in professional portrait?

According to psychology yellow is the most prominent color which eye catches soon. So wear yellow so the in that important portrait you would be visible to everyone. After yellow RED is the color which demands attraction. Red also gives the impression of seriousness and dignity. It also gives publicity to excitement and action. The third preferability is dark green. But keep in mind day timings also matter a lot this kind of color scheming is preferable at morning and at noon.   

Katrina Kaif in Indian movie “Jb Tk hai Jaan” played the role of professional woman and the color scheming she chose in front of the camera is matched with this psychological color scheming.


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