How Way of Dressing Impact on Your Personality

How Way of Dressing Impact on Your Personality

Fashion needs no age boundary and has no proper definition as yet. Everybody sets the trend of their own and choose what they feel comfortable in. Later, this is what is seen as style. After all, everyone has a right to look good. Whereas some people might like to keep it simple with blank apparel, others might want to catch attention and wear something that is striking and catchy like a rhinestone shirt. Whatever might be the case; your dress creates a great impact on the people around you and depicts your true personality.

How you dress depends on the location you are heading to. Like in Pakistan you have to dress properly. How you may dress for work may be totally different from what you might wear for a friend’s night out. When you are at work, your dressing is like decent. Whatever you do, you have to stay formal. This is how you pay respect to your co-workers as well as your head. Men should have their cuffs always buttoned, and their ties should never be hanging loose. Women, on the other hand, should also take a lot of care when they dress up for work. Even though the summers would trim down the cuts you normally wear, but at work, it is important to be modest. your dressing totally affects your personality in front of others. how you dress, it says everything about your personality, so you have to dress wisely.

Clothing tells about people’s personality, like what color they were it tells how they are and what kind of designs they are wearing.

The Positive Impact of Fashion on One’s Personality:

Like I said that dressing expresses what type of person you are actually. It is not necessary to wear branded clothes. Your own style and dressing sense make your own character. This influences your personality in a positive way and you feel proud of wearing your own style of clothes.

Following the fashion trend in your own style, it brings out how much creative you are and boosts up your sense. You can mix different colours when you dress for different functions and events. The main goal is to feel comfortable in your own clothes and look better. Choosing accessories with the clothes are also add more creativeness. There is no need to spend a lot of money to be fashionable.

The Negative Impact of Fashion on One’s Personality:

Most of the women affect their looks by just following some strange routine and diet plans to become thin as the models or actress in Pakistan and all over the world. They want to fit in the clothes like those they see on television and in magazines and on events. This badly affects their personality.

Another disadvantage of fashion is the financial investments. Women spend a lot of their income on clothes and fashion.

Sometimes girls do not accept other girls in their friend’s group if they are not well dressed. This is not at all a good influence.

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