Nosepin fashion is increasing nowadays

Nose pins are now on the top and it is one of the main jewels that now Pakistani girls are pressing to wear. Pakistani brides have a tradition to wear nose rings on their wedding day.  

Nose piercing is coming from ancient time but on the other hand, Mostly teenager is liking it very much. And women believe that it is the part of their culture. Nose piercing a difficult task for women to bear the pain of it but they do it. Now it’s coming as a trend and many girls are interested to do it. After Tazeen’s survey two out of 5 girls accidentally got a wrong pinhole on the nose which may affect any of her nerves, she can face severe pain and need long-term recovery. Tazeen would like to give you some pieces of advice.

“Don’t make nose pin hole just a couple of days ago of your wedding or any other ceremony as sometimes it turns into horrible and painful wound”

“Select an expert for this from whom one of your sister or friend had been taken this service before”

This is really hard to decide what kind of nose pin will suit on your face.  Let’s see which type nose pin is suitable for different face cuts.


Now Nosepins come in different patterns these days and they are

Simple Hoops Nosepins

Simple hoop nose rings looks beautiful on the long and sharp nose. Hoops are also best for every face and it is the best choice for festivals and weddings so try it with an ethnic outfit.

Simple Hoops Nose pin

Beaded Bali Nosepins

Beaded belli nose pins usually suite on the circular innocent face.

Beaded Belli NosPin

Diamond Stud Nosepins

A diamond nose pin looks beautiful on any nose, it is best for every shape so you can try it on festivals and in your daily routine.

Giant Stone Stud Nosepins

A Giant stone pin looks nice on a broader nose it makes the face broader which looks more attractive.

Giant Stone Stud Nosepins Giant Stone Stud Nosepin

Simple pearl Nosepins

Simple pearl nosering suits on a small and pointed nose.

Simple pearl Nosepins Simple pearl Nose pin

Half beaded Nose Rings

These nose rings are perfect for round face, it makes the face slim. so it is a perfect choice to look slim.

Half beaded Nose Rings Half beaded Nose Ring

Flower studs Nose Rings

Flower studs Nose Rings look really beautiful on a big nose too.

Flower studs Nose Rings Flower studs Nose Rings

A Half Loop Nose Ring looks good on a small nose.

Half Loop Nose stud

Nose Stud

Nose stud is the best nose ring which suits every look. It looks decent and beautiful that’s why most people prefer it.

Nose Stud

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