Reason Beyond Black Friday, Some ways to care for your clothes


At that time our Wardrobes are full of the different styles of clothes. And most of the time we are not wearing the different styles of clothes on daily basis. So I think we should think before purchasing the expensive clothes just for the showpiece of our wardrobe. The number of garments globally produced has been doubled for era 2000.

As we approach the Black Friday, The reason is that Retailers love black Friday too much.They had a huge stock of garments, electronic devices, and many other daily use things, Which they want to sell them fastly on the small margin of profit. People started buying everything mostly garments so fastly and collect a huge stock in their own houses.By doing this we all become a part of a biggest and most troubling waste problems facing in the world.

To reduce this problem I think we may follow some precautions.

Take care Steps:

Buy second-hand good clothes and keep an open mind. So many clothes are given away because they have to miss some buttons or a little bit damage which can be easily rectified using your new found or minding skills.

Start the use of hangers except cramming them into the wardrobe.Clothes really appreciate being hanged up properly on the right hangers.Hang skirts and trousers properly look good.Some clothes prefer to be folded like T-shirt and jumpers.

Follow care instructions and iron them on the normal temperature and wash at 30C.  

If you are buying good Quality denim jeans, The brand “Hiut Denim” promote its no wash for the 6 months of your jeans life. And then they recommend that after 6 months wash them with hands and do not use bleach.

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