what does the winner of miss world get?

Every year Beauty competition held in New York. That girl who wins this competition and gets the beautiful Diamond Crown on her head becomes famous in all over the world and so many producers and other big companies give her offers to work with them.

From all over the world, Beautiful women participate in this competition. That girl who wins this competition considers the worlds beautiful women and she gets a lot of money and famous in all over the world. But not so many people know that how much money and prizes she gets after winning the competition.After winning the competition the most valuable and precious thing is the Crown.Which is made up of beautiful Diamond, Gold, and other precious Gems. And the price of this crown in the international market is round about 5 to 7 Crores in Pakistani currency.


The organizers of this competition never show the prizes and money of the winning participant in social media because every year changes occur in this prize. Keep in mind this prize is not less than 1 Lakh Dollars which is more than 1 Crore in Pakistani currency.

Miss India Manushi Chhillar is crowned as Miss World  


Except for money, the famous designers and Jewelers gift her beautiful dresses and jewelry for whole the year. Except this, famous makeup making companies provide her branded makeup as a gift for the whole year. On the other hand, she has been invited as a VIP guest in the different functions and parties held in all over the world and big companies bear all expenses.

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